MGM Grand and Heavyweight Boxing

Las Vegas and Heavyweight Boxing

Las Vegas and Heavyweight boxing. A hidden pleasure for me. This is me in the MGM Grand bathroom in 1995….It was the first time I went to Vegas and I saw the city transform itself into what is known as fight night. Traffic became impossible. Scalpers sold tickets outside the MGM Grand and everyone seemed to be dressed in bright Canary yellow. Not me. I was in a white dress that I had quickly packed in my treasured white leather suitcase with violet satin lining. I was curious as to why everyone was wearing yellow. Did it mean something specific? Was it pro Tyson? How did it work that Don King represented both sides? I talked to various characters outside in the VIP zone where I had a cocktail. We laughed. No one would tell me the meaning. I am not sure if anyone knew. If the color was a code maybe it just meant adrenaline, suspense and hyped up desire for an outcome. What I loved was the footage as we waited for Tyson to come out before the fight. You saw him projected larger than life coming down the subterranean corridors of the hotel. The camera was hand held but low, tracking his slow confident walk. The Satin robe. Ironically it was later imitated at the 2000 Democratic National Convention held in Los Angeles when they followed President Clinton coming out on stage. Coincidence? Certainly not. Jon Stewart called it our “Moment of Zen”. Back to Las Vegas: I was there to see Mike Tyson have his first fight since he was released from prison. I was also there with my future dealer, Jay Jopling, getting into trouble. It was an idea to fly out to Vegas with no tickets and see if we could actually get into the fight. To place ourselves in that room on that night for that event. It became a modus operandi for the way I work with my films. Create an excuse and position oneself where the action is, where something will or will not unfold.

Sarah Morris

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